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  • Can I reschedule my Live with Santa Zoom session.
    Live with Santa sessions can only be rescheduled if requested 24 hours or more in advance and if slots are still available. Santa and crew will do their best to make it happen.
  • How will recordings be sent?
    Recordings will be sent via a WeTransfer link and can also be shared via a private or public Youtube link.
  • Will you include the use of Christian language in your letters and/or videos?
    Only if requested. All participants will be asked to fill out a form to note their preferences.
  • What does Santa do in the off-season?
    We are hoping to start a podcast/web-series sharing real-life stories of how people are spreading joy in the world through giving year-round. Subscribe to stay up to date. Or, if you know a story that needs shared please email subject line: "Real-Life Santa Story." Santa stays busy as a full-time foster parent, chef, and musician. Mrs. Claus currently brings home the cookies as a childcare professional and lead elf wrangler!
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