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Thank you


We want to say thank you to everyone who has and continues to help us spread the mission of @SantaClausCyril. We are shouting them out below and encourage YOU to check them out too.

Additionally if you are interested in helping to sponsor or otherwise further the mission please reach out to us via email at 

If you would like to help sponsor children who otherwise couldn't afford to see Santa this holiday season we have partnered with the Durham Department of Social Services, local foster care agencies, and local churches.

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Designs By

Maxwell Doherty Designs

From consultation to final designs Nathan made me just bubble over with excitement for the ways he captured our full mission in his truly magical designs! The reindeer and I literally leapt with glee when we saw what we get to share with you now!

Please check out MDD by emailing

Santa Photos by

Eliza Stewart Photography

Mrs. Claus and I are so grateful to partner with Eliza for this website and for our upcoming wedding! 


Eliza's approach to photography makes everyone feel comfortable in who they are where they are such that she can capture the natural beauty of each and every person. 

Please checkout on Instragram

Email: or check out her website linked below!

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